A hot meal is a luxury not readily available to many people after disaster strikes. With the electrical grid down, your house destroyed or uninhabitable, and no signs of improvement, your chances of serving your family a comforting, hot meal are slim to none—unless you planned well. A portable stove powered by propane, butane, or other fuels, can be an affordable answer to this seldom-thought-through scenario. Models differ in size, construction, and portability, as do accessories that range from simple to all the “bells and whistles.” The key to choosing the right camp stove depends on your particular lifestyle, your family’s size, and your overall emergency plan. But, for all people, a portable stove will be a “lifesaver” after long, hard days spent trying to rebuild lives. A hot meal is a step in the right direction. Here are some camp stove options.

For more information about the camp stoves featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.

Coleman Triton Propane Stove

Sterno Products Portable Butane Stove-8,000 BTU

Mr. Heater Deluxe Three Burner Stove

Camp Chef Stryker 100

Camp Chef Butane One Burner Stove

Coleman Fold N Go Propane Grill

Primus Firehole 200

Soto Amicus Stove

Camp Chef Stryker 150

Wall Lenk Click-2-Cook Stove

Primus Omnifuel Stove

Gas One Dual Fuel Portable Stove

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