Bow Fishing silver carp
Photo by @ZeroBlogThirty/Instagram
A fisherman tags a silver carp as it jumps out of the water.

You’re likely familiar with the expression, “like shooting fish in a barrel.” That expression takes on new meaning when it comes to bow fishing.

As filter feeders, silver carp — identified as an invasive species in some areas — are particularly tough fish to catch on a hook.

Stirring them out of the water, however, is fairly easy. A boat motor usually does the trick.

Top Notch Bow Fishing

@ZeroBlogThirty recently posted a video on Instagram of a man bow fishing for silver carp on an unidentified river.

Not too long into the video, a carp jumps to the man’s right. He very casually turns, lines up the shot, and delivers a direct hit to the center of the carp.

From there, it’s easy reeling. Watch the video below.

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