Aurora Borealis Canadian forest EMP
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Multicolored northern lights (Aurora Borealis) on Canadian forest is nothing but the earth's magnetic field reacting to solar wind.

To most people, how electricity gets from wherever it comes from to our electronic devices is a black art. They merely plug in their appliance and there’s power. Despite the massive developments of electricity and all that it can do in our modern civilization, the power grids in most major cities, as well as the connections across the country, are quite fragile things. An EMP can be a game-changer.

Smart Grid

From the thinly strung-out infrastructure of the electrical system to the vulnerable “smart grid” that is being implemented across the country, it would take little effort to topple the whole thing. Threats like malicious cyber attacks, the rise in fuel costs, and a simple overloading of the system from increased population can bring down the entire grid in seconds, blacking out not just your street, neighborhood or town, but entire states and/or regions of the country.

As this subject is further studied, it will become apparent that the best way to survive an EMP was to prepare for it as a nation rather than as individuals. Weakness invites attack, but strength deters it. Whatever individual preparations we may have made to survive a nuclear war with the Soviets didn’t keep us alive. A national commitment to creating deterrent, and détente, with a powerful nuclear arsenal is what warded off nuclear attack during the Cold War.


If we as Americans demand it, we can fortify our fragile electrical grid into something EMP-proof. We can demand the power suppliers invest in, and maintain, a standing inventory of replacement transformers and electronic controllers and insure that the operational controls of critical power generating facilities are hardened against EMP attack. We can demand that our transportation system likewise be hardened to insure the timely delivery of food and water where and when it is needed. We can demand that our food supply be considered a strategic resource that will continue uninterrupted with or without electricity. We can even demand of the Congress that the avowed enemies of our nation be prevented from advancing their nuclear capabilities.

Immediately educate yourself, your loved ones, your friends, and your neighbors so they can join you in educating your local, state and federal governments. Ask the hard question, “What preparations have you made to protect me and my family against the danger of solar or nuclear EMP?” Don’t accept “nothing” for an answer.


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