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Photo by John Phillips
Raccoon eradication from the homestead is a valuable lesson to learn. Those tips and lessons can be found in The New Pioneer's "It Worked for Me" column.

A great way to share your enthusiasm about homesteading and The New Pioneer is to participate. In addition to welcoming your comments on Facebook and Twitter and reading additional stories here on RealWorldSurvivor.com, editor Nancy Tappan is calling all pioneers to share their stories and antics.

Homestead Hiccups

In the Fall 2018 issue of The New Pioneer (due on the newsstand July 31), a new column will appear on Page 92 called “Homestead Hiccups.” It features a bevy of blunders and comical errors from fellow homesteaders and readers. Sometimes the simplest mistakes can have laughable consequences. What is interesting and creative about the new column is that solutions to the mistakes are also included. This often provides a wonderful teaching moment for the readers.

It Worked For Me

In the same issue, on Page 128 is an evergreen column called “It Worked for Me.” In each issue, the column discusses tried and true tips and tricks for solving common problems. The Fall 2018 issue’s column focuses on eradicating raccoons from your homestead. It provides a host of great tips.

Calling All Pioneers

For the “It Worked for Me” column, provide a 350-word story and a couple of high-resolution photos (1-5 MBs each) to [email protected]. If your story and photos are published, you’ll receive $100.

For the “Homestead Hiccups” column, email your humorous story (and solution) to [email protected]. Upon publication, The New Pioneer will pay you $100.

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