Brock Lesnar is one of the biggest names in professional wrestling. He’s also apparently a huge fan of our publications, namely “American Frontiersman” magazine.

On the July 30 episode of WWE RAW, Lesnar, despite having been advertised to the motley crowd of fans, refused to come to the ring and confront his SummerSlam challenger, Roman Reigns.

In the locker room, conflict ensued between Lesnar and his long-time manager, Paul Heyman.

And what does the most accomplished professional wrestler in history read while disputing his contract in the locker room? The Summer 2018 issue of “American Frontiersman,” of course.

Lesnar first [likely] peruses Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta’s “Kraft Your Own Kayak” article on Page 44. After that, his interest shifts to Kevin Estela’s leather sheath protection piece on Page 40. He is no doubt looking for a way to protect the fine leather of his Universal Championship belt.

A Brief Brock Lesnar History Lesson

Professional wrestler Brock Lesnar is a five-time world champion in WWE, a one-time world champion in NJPW and IGF, a one-time heavyweight champion in the UFC, and a one-time heavyweight wrestling champion in the NCAA. He is the only person in history to win a championship in each of those organizations.

Lesnar has headlined numerous pay-per-view events for both the UFC and WWE, including WrestleMania XIX, WrestleMania 31, WrestleMania 34, UFC 100 and UFC 116. He has been managed by Heyman throughout the majority of his professional wrestling career. A 2015 article referred to Lesnar as “the most accomplished athlete in professional wrestling history.”

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