CRKT RTD folding knife on a metal rusted table
Photo by Bob Campbell
This is a clean design with much to recommend. Grooves near the end of the handle aid in stability. Note take-down wheel at pommel. Serrations on the top of the blade and a finger cut out make for good stability in close chores.

Those of us familiar with good quality folding knives appreciate the usefulness and price point of CRKT’s folders. Designer Matthew Lerch admires the ruggedness and quality of the Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifle. He wanted a knife similar in concept to the 10/22 Takedown, an all around go anywhere do anything knife. The result is the CRKT RTD. This knife uses the Ken Onion designed Field Strip technology. This means that the knife is easily taken down for cleaning and lubrication. The folder uses glass reinforced nylon handles and a pocket clip for easy carry.

The Reality

Lerch designed a knife on proven principles including a rock solid liner lock. The RTD is 8.5 inches long open and weighs 3.9 ounces. The knife use a flipper on the blade for easy opening. The liner lock survived testing and while it isn’t as strong as a true fixed blade but it is sturdy and

makes the RTD a safer knife to prevent stubbing or cutting the hand when the blade is in use. The blade is stainless steel with a black phosphate coating and a high grind. The edge is keen and the high grind should result in long edge life and easy sharpening.  There is no choil to speak of but there is a neat finger groove and the opening flipper becomes a sub hilt when the knife is open. This makes for easy control when the knife is used for small chores. The top of the blade features serrations for thumb support then performing work a day chores.

The Take Down

The RTD may be taken apart without tools. If you actually use your knifes they collect dirt, lint, and even pieces of paper and vegetation. The RTD may be disassembled in about a minute. Wipe it down and place a little oil on the action bearings and you are good to go. After taking down the knife a few times the RTD remained tight, which is pretty important. The tighter the tolerances in a knife the less slop and the less slop means there will be less eccentric wear. The knife returns to the same position each time it is used. Take down is simple enough, there is a wheel at the end of the grip that is turned to allow the RTD to be field stripped. A lock lever on the handle is turned away from the blade to disengage the blade and allow take down.

CRKT RTD Field Test

CRKT RTD Folding knife held above a wooden table
The RTD knife makes a clean neat package when folded. The blade is sharp as delivered and remained sharp during the test.

Some do not regard the knife as a defensive weapon. As someone that has led an interesting life and has a knife scar on one side of my face I think that they may not quite understand the implications of mans oldest tool in personal defense. The pocket clip of the RTD is sturdy and makes for tip up carry.  This is a very fast knife to get into action- draw, hit the flipper, and you are good to go. Flowing into the reverse grip takes more attention to detail but isn’t that difficult for those that practice. The blade is very sharp. I used the RTD around the house for different chores but cutting out a button hole to opening shipping boxes, peeling and apple, and preparing food. The 3.6 inch blade is long enough for real work but thin enough to be lively in the hand.

Bottom Line

The CRKT RTD knife will be found at retail at sixty eight to eight dollars. It is well worth the price and should give years of good service.

For more information about the CRKT RTD knife, visit CRKT online.

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