Prepared community defense strategy map
Photo by James Walton
Prepared community can begin with a neighborhood watch to help define a perimeter for future defense.

The lone wolf or single-family prepping style is a path to tragedy. If we see our world fall deep enough into despair that roving bands of ultraviolent rulers take control, you need a better answer than: Bugout. Your best solution could be building a prepared community.

Its terrifying to be stuck in a suburban neighborhood when things really start to fall apart. However, there is no help if your family is caught, all alone, at a bugout location. If a greater force, an evil force, happens to be probing the area and your found by the voices of your playing kids, only the worst of things will happen to you and your loved ones.

Instead, we need to stand with our power in numbers and section off four neighborhoods from that chaos. We need to have the will to hold these borders and protect everyone within them. Of course, that is a far-out idea to present to someone. So how in the world do you prepare for the worst when no one wants to hear about it?

The Division is Real, and We Must Overcome

We tolerate one another. That statement about sums up where we are as a collective society, at this point. Not only is the division in politics, religion and socioeconomic status real in this nation, its also a wonderful excuse that people use to avoid social gatherings. Thanks to this isolated, social media existence that we live, many people have serious social anxiety.

So, the question is:

“How do I create engagement in my community and avoid the cosmic collision of grating viewpoints?”

Sow the Seeds of a Prepared Community

There is one surefire method that can get the cogwheels turning under most circumstances. Growing tasty food that is not full of chemicals is a goal that almost everyone can agree on.

All over the nation community gardens are taking root. They are in parks, schools and neighborhoods. This is your doorway to opening communications between all neighbors. Once you specify the goal your neighbors will have something to work towards and beyond that you will also have firm ground to stand on that is not littered with the mess that divides us.

Start a small community garden committee and things will begin to take shape.

While a community garden will not feed your neighborhood in a crisis, it will be a living seedbank that can be planted if things take a turn for the worse. There are around 50 tomato seeds in a single tomato!

It’s Time to Talk

The next step in building your own prepared community is creating a communications system. This doesn’t have to be very complicated and there is one app in particular that is doing this for communities all over America. It’s called Nextdoor and it gives you the ability to open lines of communication beyond a simple email group.

Through this community communication line, you will be able to address issues like coming storms and other disasters. You can also address crime with a network of eyes and ears. Nextdoor even helps you setup safe Halloween routes through your neighborhood.

Think Neighborhood Security

You may not have any crime issues in your community, but will it always be that way? Starting a small neighborhood watch is a terrific way to build that sense of community. A neighborhood watch builds ownership and once you have that, well, you have everything.

What’s great about a neighborhood watch is that it becomes the basis of your security plan in the face of a collapse.

Beyond the Basics

If you can establish these four initiatives in your community you will be well on your way to something very special. If a disaster strikes, with just these simple things in place, your community will be better off than most.

Of course, this is just the beginning. The final tip is to take your newfound community and begin to build on that. Use your creativity and your prepping knowledge. Here is a concise list of things to do if you want to keep building on what you started.

  • Barter Yard Sales
  • Community Purchasing of Goods and Services
  • Emergency Preparedness Training CERT
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Outdoors Activities like races or front yard camping events

After you lay the groundwork the prepared community can become anything you want it to be.

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