Hurricane Florence, satellite view
Photo by NASA
Like many with hurricanes, the destruction comes from storm surge and flooding.

As Hurricane Florence bears down on the East Coast, one thing to consider is this your current water situation. The shelves may be bare but take control of your situation now! There are many things needing preparing for, but fresh water is critical. Here are some last minute water gathering tips:

1. Bath Tubs

One thing folks forget about is right in their home. The day before the storm hits, clean and sterilize your bath tubs and sinks. Then fill them with fresh water. A lot of storms and storm surges cause water systems to fail or become contaminated. Make good use of these ready containers, as a bath can hold between 50 and 100 gallons of water.

2. All Containers

You can fill all available containers you have. Pots, Coolers, Buckets, anything that can hold liquid needs to be filled. Even old milk jugs, water bottles, plastic soda bottles, can be found around all over. Don’t get squeamish now! When yours and your loved ones lives are on the line….get in the trash and clean out the containers.

3. Freeze Water

You can also use zip-lock bags with water and place them in your freezer. They will be great later on when you set them out to thaw for a much needed cold drink. Even freezing water in red Solo cups works. But leave the Hurricane Party on ice. This is no time to party. The bags and cups can also be used for possible injuries if someone suffers an injury or accident. The sprained ankle, twisted knee, or bump on the head will thank you later.

4. Disinfect Water

You must also remember that suspect water must be boiled to kill the germs and parasites. But make sure the source hasn’t been tainted by flood waters. Big bubbles equals few troubles! Bring the water to a rolling boil for at least a good minute. If you planned ahead you may have purchased some water purifying systems. That’s great but make sure you have replaceable filters for it as well.

5. Flood Zone Prep

If you are in a flood zone make sure you have a plan. Many folks in the past have drowned in their attics trying to get away from rising water in their homes. Have an ax or hatchet, hammer, crow bar available to bust thru to the roof to escape. Having an inflatable raft and some life jackets are also smart to have. We’ve seen many lesson through the years and Katrina was a big one when it came to flood waters.

Hurricane Florence Water Tips

Water is both life saving and dangerous, so treat it as if it were gold. In my opinion, we have become wasteful and uncaring for our environment’s water sources. It’s unfortunate at times like this, with Hurricane Florence bearing down, that we finally consider it. The key to surviving these events comes down to preparedness…and water is only one element of that. However, it is the top priority. Remember, you can only last three days without water. Water is life’s blood.

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