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Cleaning helps, but remember that germs are on every surface you touch... all the time.

However particular you may be about cleanliness and hygiene, it’s tough to completely avoid germs. Believe it or not, germs are everywhere. Literally, everywhere! And surprisingly, the most infected objects are the ones we casually use and touch every day. We don’t realize the effect they have on our health. Read on to learn some unhealthy habits and gross facts about germs:

  1. When people blow out candles on a birthday cake, there is a 1400 percent increase in bacteria on the frosting as a result.
  2. Only 5 percent of people wash their hands long enough. It takes a minimum of 20 seconds to effectively kill germs. Only 2 out of 3 people use soap when washing their hands.
  3. There’s more bacteria in your mouth than there are people in the world.
  4. Only 1/3 of restaurant workers wash their hands when they’re supposed to. To make matters worse, 57 percent of restaurant handle food with their bare hands.

  5. About 72 percent of all shopping carts contain fecal bacteria.
  6. Demodex, the mites that live on your face, have no anus. They release a lifetime of poop on your face when they die.
  7. Humans shed up to 40 pounds of skin in their lifetime. It is dumped everywhere.
  8. The FDA allows for certain amounts of “insect fragments” in our food. For example, fig jelly is allowed 13 insect heads per 100 grams, and fruit juices can contain 4 maggots per liter.
  9. A total of 48.3 percent of microbes on New York subways don’t match any known species.
  10. The phone you are using carries 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Keeping your phone out of the bathroom helps prevent some of these germs.
  11. Over 90 percent of adults surveyed admit they pick their nose.
  12. Gym equipment have 1.3 million colony-forming units of bacteria. To put that into perspective, toilet seats have only about 3,200.
  13. It is estimated that 1/3 of the world is infected with tuberculosis bacteria but most never have any symptoms.
  14. You have a higher risk of getting sick from kissing another human than kissing a dog. When people kiss, they exchange up to 1 billion bacteria.
  15. The germs present in human feces can pass through up to 10 layers of toilet paper. A flushing toilet can launch germs as much as six feet in all directions.
  16. Food dropped on the floor gathers 150 to 8,000 bacteria every five seconds.
  17. Only 11 percent of people sneeze into their sleeve (or elbow). 60 percent sneeze into their hands, while 21 percent don’t cover their sneezes at all.
  18. 70 percent of dust is merely dead human skin.
  19. Microorganisms found on randomly tested U.S. currency originated from the human mouths, vaginas, and skin.
  20. 1 in 5 adults admit peeing in public pools.
  21. All of the bacteria and germs on your body right now, account for about four pounds of your body weight. Bacteria outnumbers human cells 10 to 1.
  22. Scientists identified 2,368 species of bacteria after swabbing the navels of just 60 people.



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