Staying warm is an essential element to thriving in the outdoors. A cold night spent in the dark can have physical and mental affects on a person. This is especially true if they are in the midst of an emergency situation. Having the means make a self-contained fire via a coffee can heater is invaluable.

DIY Coffee Can Heater

With only a few simple materials–can, toilet paper, and rubbing alcohol–piecing together a small heater is simple. The beauty is that, with the right can, the coffee can heater is portable and can be stored for when you need it. The principle is simple. The toilet paper is soaked with

rubbing alcohol. When lit, the alcohol burns off while the toilet paper remains mostly intact, like candle wax.

For only a few dollars in supplies and a few minutes worth of effort, you can have a safe and portable heat source that will last for hours. The coffee can heater is a reliable piece of gear to keep in your survival or emergency arsenal.


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