Without adequate light, even the most simple of tasks becomes impossible. Kogalla now offers their new line of wearable light, the RA 800, named after the sun god Ra. At 800 lumens, the five LED lights are mounted on a flexible frame. Included are accessories that allow you to mount the light virtually anywhere.

Kogalla Gear

Sometimes you need both hands to accomplish a task. A traditional flashlight might just get in the way. The RA 800 is wearable, which means it is completely

hands free. It is adaptable, expandable, and very easy to use. Simply charge the BatPak (either via USB or with the Solar Storage Bank 2210) and you’re ready to go. One button on, one button off. Hold down the button to adjust between 50 and 800 lumens.

For more information, check out the Kogalla website.

Read about the Kogalla line of products in the winter 2019 issue of Survivor’s Edge Magazine, on sale Oct. 2. Get your copy at

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