A prepper is not a prepper is not a prepper. The greatest example of this is to compare the preps of someone in a very rural area to the preps of someone who lives in Manhattan. The methods, inventories and goals are so different they might as well be separate species. If you are a city prepper you need to understand that you have a very specific plan that you must adhere to.

In this entry we are going to offer up an overview of city prepping, and the creation of a go plan that will get you out of the city when you realize you are out of options.

City Prepper Limitations

Anyone who lives in a city understands that there are some serious limitations to things like space, privacy and mobility. You will not be able to stockpile the same way a suburban or a rural prepper can. That is just the reality. Now, you could employ some tactics like multiple locations or maybe even caching supplies in hidden areas around the city, but, eventually, the resources will run out and the violence will be overwhelming.

City Prepper Strengths and Weaknesses

Where does the city prepper thrive in disaster? This is a question that is rarely considered because most people are quick to shun the prepper who lives in the city. There is so much working against you. However, you can use the close knit community to your advantage. Traveling as a group can give you security that you cannot find as a single person. The presence of a community will always deter the looters and the criminals from singling out the weakest in the herd.

You must also utilize your access to information. Dominant information hubs exist in the cities and if you can tap into things like police scanners or even HAM radio, you might find out more about the details of a disaster before most people. Any advanced notice is going to be gold when it comes to your disaster response.

However, if we are honest about city prepping there are many more struggles than there are benefits. We cannot make the case that the ideal way to survive in a collapse of society is to do it with a million other people as your neighbors. Here is a list of some of the city prepper’s biggest struggles.

  • Space
  • Resources
  • Limited Self Sufficiency
  • Limited Mobility
  • More Threats
  • Longer Recovery Times

The GO Plan

All of this comes down the one core goal for the city prepper: ESCAPE. Your bugout plan or GO plan better be high on your list of preps. Forget about getting tactical or bugging in. If your building is set on fire, the bug in comes to an abrupt halt.

Having a serious bugout plan will give you the ability to rapidly escape a city, long before things get out of hand. When you initiate the bugout, and how quickly you can react, will be the difference between getting out safely or fighting your way out.

To achieve this you need serious, written, stipulations for when its time to go. Always ere on the side of GO! Write out several situations, in your bugout plan, where you are leaving no matter what.

  • Strange Widespread Power Outage
  • Terrorist Attack
  • Trucking Strike or Hindrance
  • Environmental Threats
  • Widespread Riots
  • And anything else you that is pertinent to you and your area.

Plan several routes out of town. Do not depend on a single route as it could be blocked by any number of situation. Map your alternate routes and assure they don’t take you through questionable neighborhoods that could be even worse during and after a disaster.

Try to have a group or buddy, that you can rely on, to bugout with. Again, call on that strength in numbers. There will be people out there looking to take advantage of others. We see them in every disaster.

Start today by figuring out these 4 things that will change your level of immediate preparedness.

  1. Understand your Limitations
  2. Define your Triggers for Leaving
  3. Find a Buddy or Group
  4. Plan Multiple Routes

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