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When out shopping at the big box stores or malls, you must be aware of your surroundings and have a mindset of survival and I will fight back.

For those citizens who have never been a Warrior apposing evil, take heart as survival, or in this case, urban survival instincts are in your DNA. Physical size and strength can play a part in an urban survival scenario. I knew a man who was six-foot-six-inches and tipped in at 290 pounds. But he lacked the mental strength to confront aggression. He had the 10 percent physical, but lacked the urban survival instincts which makes up a great deal of the ninety percent mental toughness.

Urban Survival Instincts

As we grew up in a society where we were taught all men and women are equal, we should realize the equality is in how we can live our lives. The equality is not in physical size, temperament and thought process of doing good or doing evil. Since we are not all equal in this regard we must rely on our urban survival instincts. “God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal!” Marketing Colt 1836

Many of you may live in a rural area or in small towns where everyone knows everyone else. You know through the experience of association who you can believe and trust and who you should watch out for. Every small town has one or two people everyone is aware and cautious of. People who grew up in small towns, tend to be more open and trusting. This is not a bad thing but can contribute to becoming a victim. Even if you live on a farm or in small town USA, you should have the urban survival instincts needed to protect you and your family.

Predators in Our Midst

We all need to come to terms with our surroundings and the people who inhabit this planet. In general people are good. Their core values are to treat others like they would want to be treated. After all we all would like to be treated fairly, as equals and can depend on help from our friends and neighbors. But then there are the predators in and among the sheep.

A human predator can be classified as having antisocial personality disorder. Or in more realistic terms, “psychopath” or a “sociopath.” Basically those who have no sense of right or wrong or have a weak sense of right or wrong. Both psychopaths and or sociopaths can be a human predator. Psychopaths have no conscience and a sociopath has a weak conscience. As a law enforcement officer I can say I have dealt with and arrested both. In my research over the years, I learned about one percent of society are psychopaths and four percent are sociopaths. What does this mean in real numbers? In an urban city of 100,000 people, 1,000 of them are psychopaths. This means 760 of these psychopaths are adults.

So now we can see why living in an urban area we have a clear and present danger to ourselves and others. This is why we need to have or develop urban survival instincts.

Fine Tuning Our Survival Instincts

As a law enforcement officer (LEO) I learned early on how to predetermine if someone I have confronted is going to fight or not. If I determined they were going to be trouble, I would call backup. I did this to not only protect myself but to reduce the possible injuries to the suspect. As citizens we need to develop the same survival instincts.

Each of us have survival instincts embedded in our DNA. Many of us do not recognize when these basic instincts are screaming out to us. Because our social society has pounded us with ideas of every one is equal, nice and friendly. If we think different from this concept we are just bad people. If you want to survive, you must rethink what we have been forced to believe. Not all people are good. One percent of all people are potential killers or at the very lease a threat.

Keep the Right Mindset

When going about our day, we must keep in our consciousness the fact some people can be very dangerous. We must be aware of our surroundings by looking for the predators. Predators in every sense this word conjures up in your mind. So when you leave the relative safety of your home, you need to have the mindset, the consciousness thought, “I am going to watch out for people who seem to be too interested in me and my actions.” If I am attacked I will fight back.

When on duty and off duty, my mindset is I will protect others, myself and my family. I will use the tools and training at hand to defeat the predator. In effect I will become the apex predator….the predator of the predators. This is the attitude and mindset you as an individual needs to have. If you have the mindset in which you will aggressively defend yourself at whatever cost, you are 90 percent on your way to winning the fight.

Do not obsess about everyone is out to get you. Lock in your mind if I am attacked I will use the treat of deadly force and if this does not work, I will use deadly force to keep me from being seriously harmed or killed. When you are away from home having the proper tool, mindset and awareness, you will be an Urban Survivor.

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