Blizzard-Proof your house
Heavy snowfall can quickly isolate you in your home. Be prepared.

Snow can be a beautiful part of winter, but too much of a good thing can soon become dangerous. Light snow can quickly turn into a destructive blizzard. Unlike other storm phenomena experienced around the United States, snow brings with it the very dangerous addition of cold.

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The safest place to be during a blizzard is indoors, where you are sheltered from frigid temperatures, strong winds and precipitation. If you live in a snow-prone area, then you should consider improving your home’s ability to fend off the cold. Do not wait until a blizzard is imminent to act. Be prepared for any snowstorm that Mother nature throws at you. Follow these safeguards to ensure you are completely ready when blizzards and other dangerous winter weather strikes.

1. Add extra insulation to your attic.

2. Make sure all of your doors and windows have a good, extra-tight weather seal.

3. Install storm-proof windows for an added layer of insulation and protection.

4. Keep your fireplace in good working order and store plenty of firewood.

5. Have an emergency generator on hand, especially if you live in an area prone to regular heavy snow, for backup power needs.

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