Shotguns are the ultimate survival weapon because of their ability to be loaded for any situation encountered—buckshot for close-range defense, slugs for longer-range use and non-lethal rounds when killing is not an option. These firearms come in a variety of action types that are suitable for survival work: semi-automatic, pump and break. A break-action shotgun is the most simple to operate. Flick a lever to open the action, load the chamber, shut the barrels and you are good to go. Break actions are a good choice if ease of use and simplicity are the main criteria. Faster in action is the pump action, which requires the operator to manually stroke the pump to eject an empty shell and chamber a live round. A semi-auto shotgun is more complicated to load and operate, but once you are over that learning curve, it is a fast shooter. Here are 10 shotguns that can help you survive and protect your family no matter what.

For More Information:

Mossberg 500 Magpul Breacher:; 203-230-5300

Charles Daly 600HD-LH:; 888-984- 8678

CZ 612 HC-P:; 800-955-4486

Benelli M2 Tactical:; 800-264-4962

Stoeger Condor Outback:; 800-264- 4962

Mossberg 590 FLEX Tactical:; 203-230-5300

Benelli M4 Tactical:; 800-264-4962

Savage Model 42:; 413-568-7001

Stoeger Coach Gun:; 800-264- 4962


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