No matter what you’ve got in your bug out bag, you’ve missed something. We’re not accusing; it’s just a fact of human nature. Murphy’s law says that the piece of equipment you’re missing will be the one you need, while 20 other pieces of gear go unused. And while smart preppers add gear to their bags or daily carry each time they realize they lack something they need, you won’t catch everything. There will always be items you don’t think of, and while it’s tempting to take an everything-and-the-kitchen-sink approach to your carry gear, that’s impossible. A bug out bag has to be light enough to carry comfortably over long distances, while your daily carry loadout can’t be so heavy that you clank when you walk. So where does that leave you?

While going through your bug out bag, you must refine and re-refine what you carry to remove all but the absolute essentials. The problem, though, is that during that process of winnowing what you tote, you’ll be tempted to remove things you shouldn’t. You may also dismiss certain critical items out of hand, thus “forgetting” a valuable tool that might save your life, or at least make life much easier.

Compiled in the gallery above are items most often forgotten. Few of us forget all of them, but we suspect you’ve missed or dismissed at least one.

This article originally appeared in ‘Survivor’s Edge’ Summer 2017. To pick up a copy, go here.

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