As ballistic shields have evolved, so have their uses and now the Vector Defensive System is making its mark on the first responder community with a tool for rapid active shooter and threat response.

Vector Defensive Systems was founded by former 5th Special Forces Group Green Beret Robert Scali, a veteran medic and West Point military combatives instructor.  Scali said, “A few years ago I saw a video of a Boston police officer getting shot point-blank in the face by a .357 Magnum and I knew I could do something to help, so I began work on the Vector Law Enforcement shield.”

Natural Response to Active Shooter

After reviewing hundreds of police shootings, Scali identified one common thread: the human body’s flinch response. “In the videos, the officer always raised his or her hands to protect, this unconscious defensive response is what allows the Vector shield to work even before an officer realizes they are using it.”  This is also true in an active shooter response situation at a school or elsewhere, where responding units don’t have time to gear up and must react to respond and save lives.

At 9 lbs, the Vector Defensive Systems shield can be operated single-handed and its NIJ level III rating means is can stop multiple close-range hits from rifle, shotgun and handgun rounds. It provides a responding officer mobile ballistic cover to move in close to stop a threat.

The Vector Defensive Systems is currently used by the US Marshal Service, Massachusetts State and other State Police agencies, as well as local agencies nationwide.  Vector also offers a School Resources Officer (SRO) kit to enable any SRO to react and respond if and when necessary.

When the shots ring out, a Vector could be the difference between saving lives.



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