The following is a guest blog from Dan F. Sullivan:

Like any community, survival preparedness has its fair share of weird. You may have seen or read about certain items that are downright weird which could, in theory, save your life in an emergency. Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not, and I personally think the odds are very small but, nevertheless, I wanted to make a list that I hope you’ll enjoy. The best part is, these items are cheap—for now at least because, post-collapse, they might be impossible to get. So let’s see what they are real quick, then I’ll leave you to add them on your survival shopping list.

1. Condoms

If you’ve been reading about preparedness for at least a few months, you probably know that a condom is strong enough to carry a whole gallon of water. Did you know that you can also use a condom to keep tinder dry and as a flotation device, and that it’s very flammable itself? In addition, it can help you start a fire: Fill the condom with water and use it as a lens to focus the sun’s rays. OK, I couldn’t move on to the next item without mentioning a suggestion I read somewhere else that’s the craziest of all: wear them as socks to keep your feet dry. I probably won’t, as I already packed an extra pair of thick socks in my bugout bag, but who knows?

2. Pantyhose

Would you stock up on this item? If you’re a woman, you have every reason to. Keep in mind that clothes might be hard to find post-collapse. If the transportation system stops functioning, factories from China will most likely stop delivering. Now, there’s more to pantyhose than their ability to keep you warm. Consider these uses (which would be embarrassing if you did them today but, trust me, no one will care post-collapse): as pouches to carry things; to make a DIY fishing net (you’re going to need a Y-shaped branch to do it); as a belt; as a tourniquet (but only if you really know what you’re doing!); to keep onions; to filter water or melted snow (you can also use a bandana for this); as a sling for a broken arm; and even to sprout seeds!

3. Tampons

This is another survival item men would probably be embarrassed to have in their bugout bags, but I do remember reading that they’ve also been used by marines on wounds to stop bleeding. You can also use them to filter water, as tinder, prevent blisters by putting them in your boots, or to insulate your shelter if there are small holes that need to be covered.

4. Floss

Floss is great for keeping your teeth cavity-free. I can vouch for it: I only had one cavity since I started using it 5 years ago. Now let’s see some of the survival alternative uses for it:

 replace torn shoelaces

 tie someone or something up (floss is stronger than it looks)

 suture torn clothes

 make a fishing net

 make a trip wire

 fishing line and much more.

5. Board Games

Unfortunately, you can’t use board games to fend off an attacker or help you start a fire, but they will help you survive post-collapse boredom. Imagine: you and your family, all in one room, keeping each-other warm, no internet, no Facebook. For bug-in situations, board games are a lifesaver.

6. A Pry Bar

No, you don’t have to break into anyone’s home. Pry bars can be used to get you out of places (such as when you’re kidnapped) as well as for lifting and moving heavy objects. They essentially act as levers. You can insert them into a crack, and then pull or push with a “multiplied force.”

The really cool thing about pry bars is that they can spare the tip of your knife with certain tasks. As you know, the tip is the most sensitive part of a knife, so a small pry bar will work just as well, if not better, for screwing things, opening a can and so on.

7. Any weird object can make a last resort survival weapon. 

A baseball bat, dirt (to throw in your attacker’s eyes), a slingshot, even a lollipop! I saw this last one on a self-defense video on the National Geographic website. Leaving the alternative uses aside, you should stockpile on these “weird” items because of their main use. Who knows how easy or hard it will be to find buy or barter for them post-collapse so… why not get them now, while they’re dirt cheap?

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