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Photo by James Wheeler

Although the jig is a versatile lure, a spin fishing tackle box should also contain an assortment of lures that will catch fish under a wide variety conditions. Every angler has their choice of essential lures, and the following are mine.

Diving Crank Bait

The diving crank bait is one of the oldest and most successful lure designs. They are easy to use and highly effective, and come in floating-diving and sinking versions in myriad patterns.


Spoons were another early invention, with the originals made from actual tableware. They can be fished deep and slow, or shallow and fast to imitate baitfish, and they come in a wide range of sizes.


Spinners also have the appearance of wounded bait fish, with added flash that game fish find irresistible. They are deadly during a white bass run. Few fishing experiences rival the thrill of a big bass smacking a topwater plug. Granted, conditions must be just right, but on an overcast summer evening, a top water plug can be great fun to fish with.

Soft Plastic Lures

These are the latest addition to the well-stocked tackle box. Plastic worms and curly tailed grubs are molded in sizes that make them effective for everything from stripers to bluegills.

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