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Essential oils are crucial to have on hand for keeping up hygiene in a disaster.

Imagine this: On the streets of Los Angeles there is measles outbreak. The number of cases is so high that it has prompted an emergency response from the state which deployed mobile health teams to assist with repellent, sanitizer and personal care items. Measles can be deadly and kill through a variety of ways. It also ails the patient with a rash that affects circulation. This can lead to necrosis which also increases the chance of death. This outbreak is directly correlated with the homeless population in the “Skid Row” section of Downtown LA County.

The measles outbreak is all about hygiene. It’s a modern day study in how quickly lives can be affected when hygiene is abandoned. Now, you might think of yourself as someone who could never live like a homeless person. Well, after a collapse you may not have those kinds of options.

You need to start prepping today, for your sanitation and off-grid hygiene needs of tomorrow.

Storing for Hygiene

Of all the items you can store for personal hygiene trash bags and trash cans with lids are some of the most important. This will keep the pests away and the nasty stuff locked away. Having plenty of hi-mil trash bags will assure you have a home for waste. It can be transferred and burned or dealt with however you see fit.

If you are going to stock up on resources that will really help with hygiene and cleanliness of the human and the home, you should look at the following items.


Along with being a great disinfectant, bleach will also kill pathogens in water making it safe to drink.


This is a great base for all sorts of cleaners. You can clean the whole home and your clothes, for a long time, with a few boxes of stockpiled borax.

Essential Oils

These powerful oils are excellent for maintaining hygiene and treating illness or even for use as pest prevention.

Growing Off-Grid Hygiene

In a true collapse, manufactured resources will eventually run out. That said, we need to look for hygiene options that can be grown. Yes, grown year after year and the seeds saved. There are some options out there that are worth considering.


This is actually a prolific squash that can be grown each year. It takes up a lot of space but puts off tons of loofa than can be eaten or dried to make scrubbing sponges.


Licorice root is one of the best edibles you can use to replace the toothbrush. If you chew on the root a bit, it will break into fibrous “bristles” and the strong scent will work in tandem to help with oral hygiene.


This is a perennial in which the flowers and leaves can be boiled to create, you guessed it, a lathering soap that cleans grease and can even be used for dry skin.


Another big part of mastering survival hygiene is to store items that work as personal protection. You will want to have plenty of strong rubber gloves, face masks, goggles and maybe even some disposable aprons. This will assure that you don’t track waste and things like that back into the home.

Making soap and storing things like borax and baking soda are steps you should also take in the battle against poor personal hygiene in a collapse. This is one battle you want tom cone out on top of.


Disease will kill more people in the collapse than anything else. Whether that is disease from a contaminated water supply or an outbreak of some nasty virus, it will be the biggest killer. That means you have to look at the SHTF landscape as a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Gather what you need today, while the resources are cheap and easy to come by.

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