Deer in the snow, wildlife
Photo by Haley Phelps
If you plant a garden that attracts deer, you'll have a great source of organic meat.

You can get multiple uses out of sustaining vegetables. I routinely plant food plots to attract and keep wildlife like deer and turkeys in the area.

What Wildlife Love

Deer love to eat turnip tops, especially after the first frost. I also enjoy the greens and tubers if my home garden is not yielding enough. Soybeans are very good deer attractors, and harvested soybeans can find their way to the table as well as the turkeys, rabbits and squirrels that eat them.

Corn is another great attractant for big and small game that can supplement the table and feed livestock and chickens. Sugar beets are another deer favorite; the tops are great greens, and the tubers are good for pickling or roasting. Winter wheat is easy and a wildlife magnet that can be harvested for grain the next summer. Sharing your food plot with wildlife also allows you more frequent and totally legal opportunities to harvest organic meat for the freezer. Nothing complements wild game more than fresh vegetables.

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