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The word prepper smashed into our culture on the back of the radical mockery called Doomsday Preppers. It featured people who were either as extreme as they could find. As well, it took perfectly thoughtful preppers and made them look inept and paranoid. That was 2012. The landscape of the prepping world since has changed significantly. Maybe it’s due to the fact that threats we once scoffed at are now nightly news stories. It might be because people have finally reached their limit in terms of the materialistic pissing match and soul draining cubicle lifestyles that made up the early 2000s. No matter how you slice it, words like “prepper” and “homesteader” have become a lot more appealing. Prepper Broadcasting Network podcast begs the questions: What Makes a Prepper in 2019?

Prepper Broadcasting Network

The hosts of the popular Prepper Broadcasting Network spent two hours picking apart just this question on their latest roundtable event. The show is available in the player above and provides deep insight into what makes up a modern-day prepper.

The goal of the network is to redefine the 21st Century prepper and provide inspiration for people to prepare their homes and families for rough roads ahead. Be it hurricanes or an explosion of Yellowstone, people need to get back to some form of self-reliance and emergency preparedness.

This roundtable is moderated by Steven Menking of On the Objective. The conversation with these modern-day preppers travel many paths. Rest assured, they are less paramilitary, bunker building hoarders and more concerned citizens. They have real knowledge of living a better life with more peace of mind.

A New Day for the Prepared

Many people were ready to discard the word prepper. Many thought it was too contaminated by hysteria. However, in this fast paced world, it would seem that the Prepper Broadcasting Network has found the core of what makes a prepper.

It’s in the average person who lives a prepared lifestyle but also lives a good life. It’s the mothers, fathers and children that broadcast on this network each week that really define what makes a prepper. Enjoy.

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