The average person would call them small shovels, but entrenching tools can be lifesavers. One thing is certain: They make life easier for the person who finds him or herself in a survival situation. They’re small and lightweight, so they can be easily stowed or carried. Every ounce makes a difference when you’re humping that ruck, after all. And that little shovel can be pretty important to survival—just ask the soldier who carries an entrenching tool to dig a hole for protection from incoming fire.

An entrenching tool can be used to dig a slit trench or a sanitation ditch, to bury trash, or to clear a spot to pitch a tent. It may be small, but it sure works better than bare hands or a stone. And because it’s small, it can easily be stored in the back of a vehicle to help dig out if you’re stuck. Some designs have serrated edges for cutting, others have a pick for digging in hard soil, and more than one has been used as a last-resort weapon in a desperate fight. So, little as it may be, an entrenching tool can serve an important purpose in your kit. Here’s a look at some of the best around.


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