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As preppers we are often rushed into things. That is kind of the nature of this journey. Rarely do we get the luxury of considering the starting line of anything. There is always the looming threat of TIME! We are always out of time and its at our detriment.

We all understand that we need help in prepping. Its not just about having the food, water, gear and plans. If we face a serious disaster that changes the world forever, we are going to need allies.

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If you take the idea of a prepper community and walk it back to the starting line you find that you should consider some things first. The biggest question is: What do I want from my community?

Do you have any idea what a prepared community might look like? Do you know what they might be responsible for? If not, then the time has come.

In fact, you should consider asking yourself lots of questions about prepping. There is some dirty ego involved in prepping because we believe we are ready for everything. That is hardly ever the case.


By first placing expectations on what a prepared community might look like you can have a goal to shoot for. So, what are some expectations of a prepared community?

  • Security

On of the most basic concerns that all community members are going to have will be security. Even in moderate disasters we see the worst of our world come out of the wood work. Looters take the wheel when calamity takes over.

A community will have a much better chance at securing a neighborhood than a single household. A home can be overwhelmed by 3 men with guns. A community is going to require a much larger force to be run off.

  • Cohesion

You might also expect actual relationships. It’s a very important part of the big picture and it takes a lot of work. However, by being genuine and consistent you can make this happen.

  • Communication

Communication is something that all neighborhoods need. This can help with general crime and natural disaster. Check out the Nextdoor app or website to see what you can do.

  • Resources

It could also be about resources. Food! Maybe you are looking at community members to grow food or store food. One thing is for sure a community with a full belly will cooperate much better than a hangry one!


Communities take time to cultivate but that does not mean it is not worth the time. There is tremendous power in numbers. You can change the landscape of a disaster with numbers of prepared neighbors.





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