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We all must admit that there are some doomsday scenarios that require a bit of a stretch. In fact, it can be hard to discern between some fantastic threats and science fiction. The pandemic threat might flirt with Hollywood, but it can easily become a reality.

Diseases do not have borders nor political affiliations. We have seen the reemergence of things like measles in our nation and the child paralyzing AMF virus that has appeared in several states. Are these pandemic threats? No.

They are a reminder that disease is always operating on the fringe. Its evolving and learning how better to do what it does. Of course, the hand of man might stir up something worse than mother nature could ever conjure.

Prepper Broadcasting Network: When the Doctors Disappear

Maybe a pandemic is something that comes secondary to the collapse. In a true SHTF scenario doctors and medicine disappear. This is not conjecture, you need only look to Venezuela for proof. Their economic collapse has so destroyed the medical establishment and living standards that female doctors and nurses are crossing the border with Columbia to work as prostitutes.

We could see the dissolution of our medical system, too. In a world like that the potential for pandemic reaches new heights.

Preparing for a Pandemic

Personal hygiene, waste management and overall public health will be at an all time low during a serious disaster. Malnutrition will weaken the immune system and people will be more susceptible than ever to a serious disease or virus.

You will need to consider simple preps like soap. You can make it with animal fat and lye. Lye is merely made from water and wood ash.

You will need to consider in depth preps and plans like setting up a quarantine. Isolation might be the only way to keep those you love safe.

No one wants to become the family physician but when the doctors are gone, and essential services have ceased you won’t have much of a choice. Now is the time to get prepared.

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