plane crash tree
Photo by Valley County Sheriff

A 79-year-old pilot crash landed a small airplane on the top of a tree outside of McCall, Idaho on Monday. McCall is a small town on the Payette Lake about 60 miles north of Boise.

The McCall Fire Department says crews were called out to Poorman Creek up Boulder Lake Road after the pilot called 911 and said his plane was stuck in a tree. Boulder Lake Road is approximately three miles southeast of downtown McCall.

After emergency crews arrived, they found the plane about 60 feet in the air. One of McCall’s firefighters coincidentally operates a tree removal company. He was able to climb the tree and secure a safety harness on the pilot. The pilot was then safely lowered to the ground. The fireman said he was surprised at how stable the plane was in the tree.

Crashed Plane’s Pilot Safe

The pilot, who was the only person on board, declined to go to the hospital. His injuries were minor.

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