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It might seem like some sort of prepping blasphemy but it’s a question worth answering: “Should you prepare for your community?”

Not that anyone has the ability to prepare for an entire community but what could you do to prepare a little extra to hold your neighborhood together in the toughest of times? There are some concepts to consider before you start in with the Ant and the Grasshopper mentality.

Its easy to call people irresponsible and decide not to help anyone in a serious disaster because they haven’t prepared. However, these actions have serious repercussions.

Survival Podcast: Strength in Numbers

In a true collapse most people are going to be looking for two things. These two things can change the demeanor of an entire neighborhood.

  1. Food
  2. Security

When people are not starving they are more stable. When they know there is another meal coming, its even better. If you want allies close by you are going to need to have people who are fed and have answers to hunger.

The other big deal is being safe and secure. You will only be able to exact serious security in a neighborhood with people. Armed perimeter walks are going to make all the difference in a fallen world.

People will stick together and remain civil if they feel safe.

The Neighborhood Sustainment Pack

Apart from feeding people with extra food preps, you might be thinking how you can prep for security on a large scale. Well, there are a number of things you can do to increase your ability to automatically instill a base defense and some small security sector for your community.

Prepping a few packs with a variety of things like comms, firearms, optics and some food can make a big difference. You will be able to use these packs to outfit people quickly following a disaster. You might want to do some due diligence with neighbors now, before you give them a firearm, but if you have no other options a security detail will make a world of difference.

In this podcast we explore, in detail, the concept of Should you prepare for your community.

We also talk about what exactly to place in those neighborhood sustainment packs so that your community is outfitted in the very worst case scenario.

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