Some activities you can pick up on your first try without any training and be good at them for the rest of your life. Mountain climbing is not one of them.

Mountain climbing allows for breathtaking views from some of the most incredible locations on the planet, but it also comes with a fairly significant amount of risk. has put together a list of five things every person, whether a novice or an expert, should keep in mind when mountain climbing.

1. Leave No Trace:

“The ‘Leave No Trace’ principle suggests that all visitors of the wilderness must pay equal respect to nature and its local dwellers.”

2. Nasty Weather:

“There is no such thing as fine weather when you are in higher altitude.” The higher you go, the nastier it will likely get.

3. Full Cardio Workout:

The higher you go, the less oxygen there is. Sustaining constant energy isn’t easy.  “Do aerobic exercises such as walking, running, bicycling and swimming prior to a climbing activity.”

4. Choose the Right Partner:

Your climbing partner makes all the difference in the world.  “It is best to trust your gut feel and the person’s teamwork reputation when deciding who to climb with.”

5. Inconveniences:

You’re not at home when you’re mountain climbing. Unexpected things can happen and inconveniences are to be expected (weather, tough trails, lack of food, etc.).  According to, “Only the strong-willed individuals can find glory in this type of activity. It offers personal and intimate satisfaction that is oftentimes beyond words.”

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