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Killer tornadoes swept through Ohio and Indiana last night and this morning. They caused the death of at least one person, injured many others and left a trail of widespread damage in the area. Homes were destroyed, trees torn down, and roads scattered with debris. Thousands of people were still without power.

Unfortunately, the only reported death, so far, was in Celina, a city about 60 miles north of Dayton. An 81-year-old man was killed after the tornado picked up a vehicle and slammed it into his home. Mike Robbins, the Mercer County emergency management director, told the New York Times at least seven people had been injured and 40 homes had been destroyed.

Dayton mayor Nan Whaley urged residents to check on their neighbors. And city officials suggested that people boil their water before drinking it. “Our community has been tested before and we have always risen above it,” Ms. Whaley said at the news conference. “I have no doubt we will do so again today and in the coming week.”

More Killer Tornadoes

A large tornado was spotted near Trotwood, about eight miles northwest of Dayton. The National Weather Service called the situation “extremely dangerous” and “life-threatening.” The weather service also confirmed that a tornado had touched down just south of Circleville, about 70 miles east of Dayton.

Other tornadoes were spotted but not immediately confirmed by the weather service. It said a suspected tornado had been seen traveling southeast near Vandalia, about 10 miles north of Dayton, and had crossed the path of the first tornado.


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