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Google Maps will be rolling out emergency information to help survivors of natural disasters.

Hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes can be devastating, and in the aftermath, information isn’t always readily available. Google is launching a new navigation warning system as part of Google Maps to keep you informed and safe during such a crisis. It is tapping into sources like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Japan Meteorological Agency (for hurricanes) and the U.S. Geological Survey (for earthquakes) and the Central Water Commission (for flooding) to assist.

During these emergencies, you can use Google Maps to plan your escape routes, share locations with family, and keep up to date on road closures. The new program will also provide critical information about the emergency affecting your area.

Check out how each function will work.

Google Maps for Hurricanes

Leading up the storm, Google will display a warning that you are in or near an affected area. You’ll see a hurricane forecast information that shows the trajectory of the storm. And it will also tell where the storm is likely to hit land.


After earthquake strikes, you access a color-coded “shakemap” on Google Maps. This will show the epicenter, magnitude of the quake and the affected area.


Though flooding isn’t part of the roll-out for the U.S. it is coming soon. It is initially only in India, where Google says more than 20 percent of global flood-related fatalities occur. The app will show flooded regions and those likely to be based on weather patterns.

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