In feudal Japan the Rōnin stood alone. Today, retired Green Beret Tu Lam, exemplifies the spirit of the Rōnin. So, it would make sense that the special edition version of the Spartan Harsey Folder (SHF) – created specifically for his company Rōnin Tactics – would also stand alone in any collection it finds itself a part of. Granted, the SHF – by Spartan Blades and Bill Harsey – is not a new knife, but what they have done with the Special Edition is especially noteworthy.

Spartan Harsey Rōnin: First Impressions

At an overall weight of 5.888 ounces, the SHF Rōnin feels solid in the hand. It balances beautifully at the index finger. With the heavier build it does weigh a bit on the pocket and would not be well suited for dress slacks. It makes up for it by being an EDC blade designed for heavy duty use, while maintaining incredible aesthetics.

The 4-inch drop point blade utilizes premium CPM S35VN stainless steel. This boasts excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. Considered a premium steel, CPM S35VN moves any knife into the higher-end category. This has been hailed by some of the best knife makers in the industry as one of the best, if not the best, all-around stainless steels.

The Rōnin SHF has a 6AL-4V Titanium frame, with a closed length of 5 inches. Adorning the frame are engraved hallmarks of feudal Japan and the soul of the samurai spirit for whom it pays homage.

The Blade

When brought to bear, the blade is held tightly in place by the solid frame lock. Once in lock up it can tend to stick a bit while trying to close it. This makes it a little harder to operate one handed. However, experience tells me that this will loosen over time. Since it utilizes the frame lock, the Rōnin SHF can be a bit hard to open with the thumb stud. This is because the lock presses in on the blade. However, with practice you will find a grip during opening that allows you to actuate the blade without pressing on the frame lock and impeding the blades movement.

The Rōnin SHF features a sturdy pocket clip. It is adorned with the Rōnin Tactics logo, which comes configured for right-hand, tip up carry. The obverse side also includes a clip well, with engraved filler tab. This allows for a left-hand, tip up carry option as well.

The Finer Details

As any of you who have read my articles in the past know, I like to test knives hard when reviewing them. However, in this case, the Rōnin SHF is a limited-edition knife and I have to return this to Rōnin Tactics. So I am unable to put it through its true paces. With that said, I have been using and testing Spartan Blades for many years and can attest to their extremely high quality and ability to hold up to seriously hard use.

So, instead, I will go through some of the finer details about the Rōnin SHF that make it special and unique.

Etching Details – Setting the Rōnin SHF Apart

Everywhere you look on the Rōnin SHF you will find some little additional detail to set it apart. On the obverse side is etched the Rōnin dragon and text, as well as a clip well filler tab with the Sakura (cherry blossom) etched deep into it. The reverse side has a beautiful Sakura etched deep into it. The pocket clip etched with the Rōnin Tactics logo.

Serialized – Limited Quantity

The Rōnin SHF is limited to 100 pieces. It includes a serial number etched into the reverse side of the handle. Also, under each clip well filler tab is the creation (birth) date etched into the well for authenticity.

Tu Lam – A True Rōnin

Retired Green Beret Tu Lam is no stranger to the A Teams. He has dedicated his life to serving our country in some of the most inhospitable environments our world has to offer. After retiring Tu created Rōnin Tactics as a means of providing quality gear and training to military, law enforcement and civilians throughout the country.

Over the past two seasons, Tu has served as host, alongside Bill Goldberg, of History Channels’ new knife show Forged in Fire: Knife or Death, where he uses his experience as a weapons specialist and commentator.

Purpose Built EDC

I have been using Spartan Blades for many years now and am equally impressed with every single knife that they produce. Add to that the design genius of Bill Harsey – the creator of the Special Forces Yarborough Knife – and you have a winner that was made to endure the worst our fighting men and women face on a daily basis.

The Rōnin SHF is no exception. A beautifully constructed, purpose-built EDC knife that makes its home on the battlefield or the boardroom, the Rōnin SHF stands alone with the soul of the samurai it exemplifies. Available only at:

Spartan Harsey Rōnin Specs

  • Blade Material: CPM S35VN
  • Blade Length: 4 inches
  • Overall Length: 8.8125 inches
  • Blade Thickness: 0.154 inches
  • Handle Material: 6AL-4V Titanium
  • Weight: 5.888 ounces
  • User: Right or Left Hand
  • Pocket Clip: Tip-Up
  • Knife Type: Manual
  • Opener: Thumb Stud
  • Lock Type: Frame Lock
  • MSRP: $550.00

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