Bear Grylls
Photo by National Geographic Channel

Lost for 10 days in the Australian Outback, a mother and son have Bear Grylls to thank. Michelle Pittman and her ten-year-old son Dylan were found in Mount Royal National Park, New South Wales. They were dehydrated but otherwise in good shape. Hunter Valley Acting Superintendent Rob Post told “It is amazing they have actually survived for so long.”

Pittman and her son went for a hike but got lost. They mistook a dried up creek for their route back to their car. They were the subject of a large search and rescue mission when they were reported missing (five days after they started off).

Bear Grylls Inspiration

During their adventure, they used survival tactics inspired by Bear Grylls. Superintendent Post said the pair had gathered water using techniques learned from adventurer and expert survivalist Bear Grylls. “They managed to get hold of water by licking water off plants and digging water from holes and using leaves to collect it.”

Location and Rescue

Police managed to locate Pittman’s car after finding a list in her home of trails the pair was going to explore. This instigated a search of the park, which covers 17,000 acres. “We had located their tracks on a creek bed and we were tracking them,” Superintendent Post said. “Just prior to us finding them they crawled out onto the road and were picked up by a passing police unit.” What’s “amazing is that nine-year-old Dylan has come out with insect bites but quite fit and able — he looks like he could do the whole thing again,” he said.

The mother and son have been transferred to Singleton Hospital to receive treatment for dehydration and insect bites. They will make a full and quick recovery.

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