Warning: The above video features graphic language. Viewer discretion advised.

Love him or hate him, Bear Grylls is certainly a name most would associate with survival situations. Comedian Daniel Tosh, however, is not.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tosh, he’s about as offensive as it gets. We’re big fans, but he’s an acquired taste. In his 2016 special “People Pleaser,” Tosh took some time to joke about the apocalypse, as well as Grylls and his TV show.

Comedian Daniel Tosh on Survival

Tosh opens his bit by saying he hopes the world ends in his lifetime, but openly admits he has no clue about survival skills. “I know the hand that I was dealt. When sh*t hits the fan, I don’t make good decisions; I die Hour One.”

The comedian then transitions to survival TV personalities, including Grylls.

“I watch any TV show with ‘Alaska’ in the title just so I can see what a real man is supposed to look like,” Tosh says. “Or Bear Grylls? I love him. A British Green Beret giving us survival tactics while we sit on the couch and snack.”

Then Tosh calls out one Grylls’ more famous episodes where he kills a few bats. We’re not sure that he ever ate one, but Tosh leads with that.

“Do you know how to eat a bat? I saw this episode. I’ll tell you; it’s not as hard as you think. First thing you have to do: Catch a f*cking bat!” Tosh jokes. “I’m out. Catch a bat? Yeah, I can’t kill a fly in under three hours with equipment. You want me to blindly walk into a scary cave and barehand a flying AIDS rat?”

Listen to the full clip above. It lasts until about the three-minute mark. And for reference on the Grylls bat video, here you go:

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