Adam and Emma from TSM Adventures will show you how to build a Bushcraft shelters. This is for a long-term survival situation.

According to Adam, “This shelter has really proven itself. It is water resistant and thanks to the inside fireplace it will repel mosquitoes and other critters which is a huge plus in our book. We spent one night in this shelter so far and it rained the whole night. Still, we woke up totally dry. It is a perfect base camp for up-and-coming adventures.”

Adam is a survival instructor in Sweden, but he and Emma travel the world using their survival skills.

Bushcraft Shelters

Through the methodically paced video, they’ll show you an easy way to tie lodge poles and how to source the moss for the exterior. Not only that, but they’ll spend the first night in it before finishing it the following day. Like a traditional Native American wickiup, the top is open to allow smoke to escape. This is one of the only kinds of Bushcraft shelters that allows for the fire to be completely inside the structure.

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