In this first video of the series, Zachary Fowler and the “Wooded Beardsman” see if they can maintain their body weight for eight days in the Maine wilderness.  The challenge, called Catch and Cook, means they can only eat what they catch. This is the third time the duo has attempted this. The last time was seven days in the backwoods of Canada. Before that, a massive 30-day stint in Texas. There, he and Chris Thorn (of Drop Forged Survival) ate turtle soup and cactus.

Catch and Cook Challenge

Come back to Fowler’s YouTube page on Tuesdays and Fridays to check in on their Catch and Cook challenge. As well, check out his other Catch and Cook challenge videos.

Zachary Fowler appeared on Season 3 of the History Channel’s survival show “Alone.” He and nine other contestants were each sent into the Andes Mountains of Patagonia with 10 survival items and camera equipment to document their solo adventures. The last person standing would walk away with the half-million dollar prize.  After 87 days surviving alone off 63 fish and 2 birds, the producer and Zach’s wife showed up to tell him that he was the winner.

Upon returning home the family chose to move out of the woods and buy a home.  Fowler is now a full time YouTuber, producing a series called “87 Days.” In it, he review all the survival and Bushcraft tricks that kept him alive for so long.

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