Sometimes, you have to work with the materials around you. Such is the case with this bamboo fire saw technique, when only bamboo is available but you need to get a quick fire going. Similar to other fire starter techniques, the bamboo saw relies on friction. The tinder comes from the shaving of the bamboo’s outer hull. Once split, the bamboo piece becomes the fire board and the source of friction.

Bamboo Fire Saw

With vigorous sliding on the edge of the bamboo, a fire should shortly follow. Bamboo shavings makes for great tinder because it doesn’t break apart and fly away when burning. And the fire board can be used over and over. The back and forth motion of the fire board on the piece of bamboo creates a great deal of heat. That heat burns through the notch and into the bundle of bamboo shavings. Once smoke appears, embers are soon there after. The embers burn evenly and steady, which makes this a good method to use in wet or windy weather.

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