This is an interesting video in that it is impractical for traditional camping methods but certainly possible for a survival situation. Heating a tent with a Swedish fire log is an easy concept. The long pipe goes through the fire log and collects fresh air from the bottom. The fresh air is heated by the fire. The chimney effect forces the warm air out of the pipe and into the tent. The temperature of the pipe as it enters the tent is low enough to not cause any damage.

Heating a Tent With a Swedish Fire Log

On the YouTube channel Advoko Makes, Advoko is a lawyer living in St. Petersburg, Russia. He is an avid Bushcrafter with a huge following. He films creative how-to videos and DIY projects, mostly relating to outdoor survival. This particular one tackles a common problem: heating a tent. Providing a safe and reliable heat source in a lightweight tent can be a challenge. Open-flame sources are dangerous, and other methods could damage the tent.

If your situation is being trapped in the forest during the winter and you lack a reliable heat source, this method could work for you. By providing an easy-to-build heat source, according to the video, the temperatures inside the tent, could easily be as high as 60 degrees.

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