Free Gun Friday: Win an DoubleStar ARP7 Pistol, Axeon Dot Sight And 500 Rounds of Black Hills Ammo!

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The Gun: DoubleStar ARP7 Pistol

When you reach behind your truck seat for the ARP7, you are prepared for anything. The ARP7 is the AR-15 pistol built to perfection. The rock-solid billet Strongarm Pistol Brace and Big Timber Brake keep this beast under control when sending rounds downrange on target.  

The Cloak MLOK handguard allows for accessories to be mounted and profiled to fit the shooter’s hand beautifully. Finish this pistol with your favorite dot optic and it’s a force to be reckoned with on the range or protecting your family.


  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO
  • Barrel Length: 7.5"
  • Barrel Material: 4140 Chrome Moly
  • Weight: 5.4 lb.
  • Overal Length: 24.5"
  • Twist Rate: 1:9
  • Muzzle Device: Big Timber Brake
  • Handguard: DoubleStar 7" Cloak MLOK
  • Action: Direct Gas Impingement
  • Pistol Grip: Ergo Grip®

The Optic: Axeon 3XRDS RGB Dot Sight

The Axeon® 3XRDS Dot sight is not your average red dot. Nor is it your average green dot. The Axeon® 3XRDS Dot sight has three color options, red, green, and blue with three brightness setting per color to allow you to adapt the sight to your vision and the various lighting conditions you may find yourself in. The Axeon® 3XRDS Dot Sight easily mounts to standard Picatinny rails, has a generous 30mm 1x field of view and a 5 MOA dot size.


  • Model: 3xRDS/TriSyclon
  • Power: 1X
  • Obj Aperture: 30mm
  • Weight: .55lbs
  • Overal Length: 4.25"
  • F.O.V.: 68ft @ 100yds
  • 1 Click: .25 MOA
  • Parallax: 50yds
  • Reticles: 5 MOA

The Ammo: Black Hills 5.56 .69GR OTM

When US Military purchases ammunition for our troops, some of the most rigorous field testing in the world is conducted in order to to ensure performance, regardless of the conditions. The Black Hills 69gr 5.56 Open Tip Match now brings those same qualities to the civilian sector, and the results have been nothing short of extraordinary.

One of the most groundbreaking engineering marvels of the 21st century revolves around Black Hills ammunition. The Black Hills 69gr 5.56 Open Tip Match round has near perfect weight distribution across the length of the bullet. This creates a round that is unparalleled in accuracy and stability in flight, and is inherently resistant to tumbling even after breaking beneath the super sonic envelope during extended ranges.

The open tip on the face of the round creates a highly streamlined and aerodynamic bullet profile, and is capable of sub-moa accuracy well out to 500 yards and beyond. At velocity of 2,850 feet per second, the Black Hills 69gr 5.56 OTM is nearly capable of triple sonic flight, andd is one of the fastest rounds in its class.

When it comes to dependability and performance, there is truly no higher standard than the Black Hills 69gr 5.56 OTM.

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How Does “Free Gun Friday” Work?

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For the first Friday of every month, we’ll announce the new giveaway gun. On that day, we’ll open up the sweepstakes for readers to enter and win the gun. We’ll also release our first video on the gun, where you can learn about what you’re entering to win.

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